Origin of Jumpsuits and Playsuits

Jumpsuits and playsuits are popular one-piece garments worn mostly by women on various occasions. You may ask where did the term jumpsuit originate? The origin is attributed to a Florentine artist by the name of Thayat who designed an integral garment suit for parachutists and sky divers to facilitate them in their hobby or profession. Hence the name
jumpsuit. Essentially, it was a simple garment designed to protect the body from the cold in the sky or high altitudes.

Difference Between Jumpsuit and Playsuit

As the years went by, the jumpsuit has evolved to be any one-piece garment where the top piece (blouse) and bottom piece (pants) are joined together. The top may have short sleeves or long sleeves while the bottom pants are full length usually. Generally speaking a playsuit is a jumpsuit with short pants. While a romper is very similar to a playsuit but often for young children or for adult sportswear or leisure activity. One can say that rompers and playsuits are special types of jumpsuits but a jumpsuit is not necessarily a romper. However, you should be aware that some brands do not make a distinction but use the terms interchangeably.

How to Wear Them

Jumpsuits and playsuits are very easy and fast to wear without much drama. They are also very versatile and can go with many accessories. During the day, you can wear them with a pair of sandals or flat shoes. While in the evening, you can complement them with a pair of high heels and fine jewelry of your choice.