Eye Makeup

The eyes are considered to be windows to the soul. There are different eye colors and shades. Eye makeup should primarily enhance your eye beauty. What works for you may not be ideal for someone else. There is makeup for small eyes and for big eyes, makeup for light skin tones and for dark skin tones.  Sometimes, however, it is possible to how your eyes look by applying different eye makeup styles.

Eye makeup covers many aspects of the eye. These include the eye lashes, the eye brows, eye lids and the skin around the eyes. As far as the eye lashes go, you can even apply fake lashes to make them look naturally longer. Eyebrow makeup can create thicker-looking more beautiful eye brows fairly quickly. You can also splash metallic eye shadow on  your eye lids to make your eyes more boldly visible. There are many possibilities to what you can do. It is up to your imagination. The two most important things to consider are your eye shape and skin tone.