Lip Makeup For the Plumper Lips Look

Lip makeup is key to the beautification process. Although it is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the lips form a good part of it. The lips and the eyes are critical to how a woman looks. Just as in other makeup procedures there is sequence to the process of getting good looking lips.

First the lip color should be in harmony with your skin tone. One should not just copy someone else who looks good. Here is a very brief summary of a procedure you can follow to make your lips look fuller.  This is without injections or surgery basically without much fuss.

The first step in the process is get your lips smooth and hydrated by applying lip serum and lip balm after they are dry. Then you apply contrasting shades using two different lip liners. One is lighter and the other darker.  Finally you apply some plumping lip gloss at the center of your lips.

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