Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume

Paco Rabanne is a Spanish fashion designer from Pasajes, Guipúzcoa where he was born on 18 February 1934. The Paco Rabanne Lady Million is his most famous perfume.

Paco is famous for his fashion creations in which he uses different colors and materials. The fame extends to his brand of Paco Rabanne perfumes. His real name is Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo. He is also a very talented painter. His paintings are exhibits in Valbone.

He introduced the perfume “Ultraviolet” in 1999 followed in subsequent years by “Ultraviolet Man”, “Black XS”, “Black XS pour Elle” and “1 Million”. “1 Million” became very successful worldwide due primarily to the massive television advertising it received. Check out Paco Rabanne Lady Million below.

Paco Rabanne Perfume

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