Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume

The first Thierry Mugler perfume, “Angel”, appeared in the market in 1992. It had a mixture of praline and chocolate together with a strong accord of patchouli. It became a part of the gourmand fragrance. Its star shaped bottle was created by the Brosse Master Glassmakers. It has many fans including Hillary Clinton and Diana Ross.

Mugler was born in Strasbourg, France. His career started in designing clothes for Parisian boutique, Gudule. Later at 26 he became a free lance designer and created a number of designs for fashion houses in Paris, Milan, London and Barcelona. He became famous internationally in the 1980’s and 1990’s and rapidly became very successful. Thereafter he started the perfume line. In addition to “Angel” he added other perfumes such as “Alien” to his collection. His creations are unique and arise from his desire to spark emotions. Thierry Mugler Perfume

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