Necklaces for Women

There are many types of necklaces for women.  In addition to the many types of necklaces, there are also many designs. We will mention just a few here.

The first one is the opera necklace which is suitable for deep neck blouses. You can wear it as a single strand or double it as two strands. This is best for evening occasions.  The second is a thread necklace which features a colorful knotted thread usually paired with silver pendants. It is common with suits and saris. It is of Indian origin.

Then there is the choker necklace which goes well with any attire and can be used as casual or formal wear. It is a tight fitting necklace. Finally for now, we have the bib necklace which is perfect for deep neck blouses and tops. These are only a few types. You can browse our site for your choice.

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